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Incorporated in 2013, A. Frances Pride Limited, commenced its private label pet food brand - Frances Pride in 2018. The need to satisfy the growing demand for quality and top-of-the-line pet food brand in Nigeria was behind our label creation.

A brief history about us is described below:

2013: A. Frances Pride Limited was founded.

2018: A Contract Manufacturing Agreement was reached with SHANDONG LUSCIOUS PET FOOD CO., LTD from China to produce pate form of wet food. 

2020: A Contract Manufacturing Agreement with MONGE & C. S.p.A from Italy to produce chunk form of wet food was reached.

2020: A Contract Manufacturing Agreement with NUGAPE PET FOOD, S.L. from Spain to produce dry form was reached.

From inception, we have remained committed to providing quality dog food and merchandise to our teeming customers.

This commitment inspires everything we do from selecting outstanding pet food manufacturers with high grade R&D and quality control departments to work with to the people we employ.

Our name is fast becoming synonymous with quality throughout Nigeria. 

2020: A Contract Manufacturing Agreement with WEIFANG EVEREST FOOD CO., LTD from China to also produce the pate form of wet food.



A. Frances Pride Limited is a private label Pet Food company, we are the owners and purveyors of the Frances Pride dog food brands:


Dogs are not just dogs, they are members of the family. This popular slogan inspires us to formulate pet food made from seasoned ingredients and refrain from the use of artificial flavours or preservatives. Our meals satisfies the nutritional needs of every stage in dogs; from pups to adults


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