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Your pet our passion


Extremely High-Quality Ingredients

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No colourings or 

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100% made in Spain

Complies with regulations

It is clinically proven that starting your pets on the right diet helps for smarter, more trainable dogs from puppies to adulthood. Our premium puppy and premium performance dry kibbles (4 and 20kg) are the result of painstaking research, a formulation of balanced recipe and nutrient rich ingredients. The right combination for a healthy start and premium performance. Pets add so much value to our lives, we have chosen to invest in their health and wellbeing, Our Premium Puppy recipe is more than just a bowl of food, it's the foundation to a long and healthy life and Premium performance offers tailored benefits ideal for your dog’s overall health. The recipe is designed using ingredients blended in specific portions to ensure your canine companions mental and physical development.

FRances Pride Premium Puppy
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Frances Pride Premium Performance
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